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Nature Thru Photos

More Than                 A Picture    

Night Photography

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To take a photo similar to the one above I used a Canon 5D Mark II setup on a tripod using a Canon 24-105mm 1:4L lens.  With the camera set to Manual mode (which is the mode that I shoot in 90% of the time) and the ISO at 100 the shutter speed was set to 1.6 sec at f16 aperture.  The focal length was 35mm and using a remote shutter release I obtained an evening of shots that I was very pleased with.  When shooting in public places make sure it is ok to use a tripod. 

 This photograph of Chattanooga's waterfront was done using the same equipment as mentioned above.  This time I had my mode set to Bulb with aperture set to f16 and shutter open for 60 sec.  I just had to make a large canvas print of this one. 

This photograph is of the Old Loudon Dam and bridge over the Tennessee River.


Fireworks are fun to take photos of mainly because you never know what you're going to capture.  To obtain this photo I was in Bulb mode with my 24-105mm lens mounted on a tripod.  Manual focus prior to shooting on a point where the fireworks will be going up.   Setting the camera aperture to f14 with an ISO of 100 I opened the shutter for 4sec. using a focal length of 100mm.  To combine several fireworks together when shooting in Bulb place a black piece of cardboard over your lens between each firework while leaving the shutter open.  Make sure you give fireworks a try.

Tail-lights after dark are easy to take as long as you're not in the line of traffic. With my camera on a tripod and mode set to Bulb, I used a Canon 100-400 4.5-5.6L lens set to a focal length of 100mm. With an f22 aperture in manual focus I had the shutter open for 21 sec.  It only takes two or three cars to make some nice lines. 

This shot became a little more difficult to capture, I waited some time for the wind to die down thus preventing the boat from bobbing in the water. With the camera again on a tripod using my 24-105mm lens set to a focal length of 92mm and an ISO of 800 with f22 aperture I opened the shutter for 10 sec. in Bulb mode using my remote control.

These are ten foot tall water fountains with colored lights at there base.  The  small lake is located on a State College Campus in TN.   I was in Bulb mode, had my aperture set to f16 with an ISO 100 using a Canon 100-400 lens set at 400mm focal length.  The shutter was open for 58 sec.

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